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Bookscribe by Vivian Head

Hello, I am Viv. With a passion for the English language I not only have the knowledge, but also the drive and enthusiasm to write on virtually any subject. I have worked in many different fields including true crime, children’s books and the arts and crafts; and have also been commissioned to write novels following clients’ story outlines.

I would like to offer you my wealth of experience in the world of publishing – something I have been a part of for over forty years. I am a freelance writer, editor, copywriter, proofreader and book designer who loves a challenge. My aim is to lend a helping hand to self-publishers and those people who feel that writing their first book is a little daunting and would like some advice. I can assist in writing, editing, proofreading and also providing you with a finished product that is ready to go straight to the printer or, if you prefer, in an e-book format.

I also assist publishers who need to outsource work and provide them with a finished product that is polished, well crafted and ready for final publication. No job is too small – no job is too challenging – and I can promise you a professional and fast turnaround.

Books that were published some years ago can look dated; but a redesign and an updating of the text can give the tome a fresh look and a new market. I have reformatted numerous books for publishers, so if you wish an experienced hand with revamping some of your old copy, you have come to the right person.


My Publishing Assistance Services

For the writer:

Bookscribe offers a bespoke service to tailor your manuscript from the moment you have written your last word to the day you see your book on the bookshelf ready to enthral your reader. My services include reading through the manuscript not just once, but three times to make sure that any grammatical and spelling errors are eradicated and then I will offer advice if there are any inconsistencies in your storyline. Once you are happy with the final copy I will design the inside pages and cover following the your guidelines and, once approved, you will receive print-ready files ready to place with your chosen publisher or printer if you are self-publishing.

If you require images to be included in your finished book, these will need to be supplied in as high a quality as possible so that they do not appear blurred or dull when the finished book is printed.

If you wish to publish your book I am always ready to offer advice on the best way to get your book out there and noticed.

If you require images to be included in your finished book, these will need to be supplied in as high a quality as possible so that they do not appear blurred or dull when the finished book is printed. 

For the publisher:

Having worked closely with publishers for many years now I know their requirements without the need for lengthy explanations or meetings. Even if the job at hand appears complex at the start, I have the experience to piece together a polished manuscript and am more than happy to liaise with the author to take some pressure off when time is of the essence.

Redesign of old books to bring them up to date for the modern market is something in which I specialise. Also, over the last few years I have been involved with a military publisher, so anyone who would like to remember their ancestors by having their photographs and story printed in a journal, I would be more than happy to assist and advise. It is such a lovely project, as many of my clients have found, and the joy of having a legacy to hand down through the family is obvious from the smile of satisfaction on their faces when they hold the finished book.

  • Client liaison
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Advice on the structure of your storyline
  • Book design and layout
  • Cover design
  • PDF proofs
You can rest assured that the service I offer is of the highest quality and you will receive a finished manuscript that will be equal to any of the publishing houses without the extortionate fees. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything, I am always here to listen.